Trent Arnold

Trent is a journalism student who spends too much time watching basketball. He is an avid Houston Rockets supporter and James Harden’s #1 fan. He can’t stand losing pick-up basketball and hates casual fans (unless the person reading this is one).

Minh Dao

Minh is a lifelong basketball junkie who lives and breathes the life as a Portland Trail Blazers fan. Fell in love with the game as a boy and followed the NBA since 2004. Brandon Roy and Steve Nash are entrenched in his personal Hall-of-Fame, and refuses to let go of Sam Bowie and Greg Oden.

Michael Battle

Michael is a former Lego enthusiast and basketball tragic. He has coached at various levels of Victorian domestic and representative basketball in senior and junior leagues. Armed with an unused Advertising degree, he carries the burden of being a New York Knicks fan with all the appropriate frustration.